INKFLIX STUDIO provides quality marketing materials, custom web and graphic design, illustration, corporate branding, advertising, signage, displays, and cross-media publishing for businesses that require high-end print design, digital design, and creative services.

Chad Evans is an experienced designer, artist, musician, and webist who produces logos, business cards, letterhead and stationery, brochures, banner ads, web sites, e-marketing, invitations, flyers, posters, murals, maps, signs, newsletters, props, backdrops, packaging, production-ready files, music loops and tracks, exhibits, cartoons, animation, motion graphics, data-merged documents, and engaging interactive experiences.

"What's It Do?" is a phrase coined by Chad's son, Sidney, who after being shown an architectural rendering illustration on-screen [2001] noticed that the particular image didn't move, made no sound, and there was nothing to click.

You're Invited to check out the portfolios and works on this site. It's a liquid document, subject to updates and frequent changes. Please make contact with any comments, suggestions, or requests.

Inkflix Skills include the above listed items and also the following:
Copywriting • Photography • Image Manipulation • Search Engine Optimization • Image Optimization • Style Sheet Authoring • Metadata Implementation • Database Management • CRM • XML • Javascript • Actionscript • X-Acto Knife Wizardry • Customer Care • Jumping Through Hoops • Putting Out Fires • Having Fun

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