The Art of Design is visual choreography. Combinations of type, photography, and graphic elements, when skillfully employed, present information, ideas, and emotions precisely. Great visual design does not happen by accident. It is the harmonious union of structural knowledge in concert with keen artistic intuition.

The function of a designer is to reveal the "constants" which exist in the natural order of beautiful things through synthesis and organization. It certainly helps if the composer is a virtuoso on many instruments, yet the role required is firstly brilliant composition and inspired orchestration. I am fortunate to be sitting in first chair and waving the baton.

Check out the portfolios below, and please contact me if I can assist you with any graphic design needs.

-Chad Evans, Inkflix Studio

Logo and Corporate Identity are the most important parts of any company's marketing campaigns. The branding, color schemes, types of images, and general tone will inform all other marketing materials. Does your company have a style-guidelines package?
Illustration is "Explanation by example; Ornamentation with pictures; A picture or diagram accompanying written or printed matter; An instance of explanation, an example". I like to think of it as a vocation.
Advertising, Displays, Marketing & Packaging contribute to a company's success. Professionalism speaks clearly when the support materials back-up the message.
The works presented above were created by Chad Evans for the various named companies and are their sole property. Inkflix Studio is neither endorsed by, in affiliation with, nor a shareholder of Adobe® (it just seems that way) :)

INKFLIX: art, graphics, sound design, illustration, flash animation, and new media marketing
for advertising, entertainment, exhibit, print, on the web and mobile devices by Chad Evans Studio in Dallas, Texas