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Inkflix • Web Site Design

The term "webism" has entered our vernacular because there are truly great things possible as an art form available only via the internet and in the metaverse. Therefore, I have added the title, "webist" to my description of hats. I am very thankful for the medium because as both an entertainer and salesman, it is without question that truly, all the world is a stage and also, a global marketplace. I believe that this platform is the contemporary version of "The Floating World".

Before I entered the corporate world, I had created several dozen web sites, which during my four year hiatus have either become inactive, or changed hands. Shown below are the current web projects: (scroll down for more)

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Flash Cartoon Redirect
Scenografia | Fine European Craftsmanship
©2010 Sinisa Knaflec
What's on the slab?
Flash Video Redirect
Site redesign and search engine optimization
includes Flash-based photo galleries
Diana Chase Design
©2006-2010 Diana Chase
Search Engine Optimization brought this site to number one
(which had previously belonged to Princess Diana being chased by paparazzi)
Dallas Wholesale
©2009 DW Distribution Inc
(My former employer). An extensive site with tons of features.
What can't be shown are the client log-in areas, including training videos,
and email marketing campaigns. Kudos to the IT department for the CRM.
Munch Puppies
work in progress
Given the talent involved, there's no telling where this might go...
Thanks to Kenny, Allen, John, Brad, Danny, and all the munchers!
Your Site HERE!
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Inkflix • Motion Graphics & Interactives

Animation has always been a passion of mine. I created my first when i was eleven years old [1976] - a stack of sheets two feet tall were individually shot onto a reel of 16mm film. It was about two minutes long and was about "The History of Animation", told by a mouse surrounded by a console of monitors, onto which the segments were revealed. It didn't occur to me at that time the mouse was me thirty years in the future.

On the sidebar (top left) are some early experiments with Flash. The "
Cartoon Redirect" isn't interactive, but the inherent script still brings the viewer to Inkflix. [wow]. "What's on the slab" is an interactive work that was made as a Halloween greeting. The blue machine starts it, and clicking the bunson burner as it glows continues the timeline forward. The "Video Redirect" was about converting video to flash, and [more wow!] the click links are still valid, even today.

Below are some client commissions which were produced around 2005. I got hired by a company shortly thereafter, and was called upon to produce mainly print ads, long documents, booklets, and sell sheets; effectively ending my forays into dynamic content for browsers, kiosks, digital billboards, and mobile devices. But now I'm back at it! Pass the press-type :)

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Marketing Proposal Intro
©2003 CreativeWork Group/R-Media Group
Loads fast, includes sound, and has a pre-loader
B2B Kiosk Display
©2005 Stop! Look! Listen! (Phillip Lamb, Art Director)
Big Quicktime file [15.22MG MOV], no sound, is half-size from the original
Web Site Splash Intro
©2005 Resurrection Art
An extensive sequence with Chad Evans music loop.
The clouds don't float by at the end and the garden doesn't grow
(as they once did) - this is rescued work - but the butterfly
is still interactive (at final).
Web Site Product Page
©2005 Resurrection Art
The cat doesn't cross the stage and the PayPal links are dead,
(another rescued work) but the dimmer switch on the light still functions!
Chad Evans sound loop, and notice the newt tank on the left.
INKFLIX: art, graphics, sound design, illustration, flash animation, and new media marketing
for advertising, entertainment, exhibit, print, on the web and mobile devices by Chad Evans Studio in Dallas, Texas