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Multi-instrumentalist Chad Evans creates and performs music for artists, art openings, theater, poetry, film, multi-media, e-media, and creative production.


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Roland SPD-20 electronic percussion module; various hand drums and percussion; Guild acoustic/electric fretless bass; Peavey electric bass; Morelli eCello; Novation K-Station; DigiTech JamMan; Korg Kaoss Pad; NuMark digital turntable and mixer; Behringer mixer; JBL Eon PA; xylophone; various guitars, flutes, vocalizations, and things that go "bzzzz". Mac ProTools audio. NiceCast.

A Few Hits Left; BL Lacerta; comatheatre;
Dancing Tongue; Flash to Bangtime; gOUgE;
Man in the Reign; Poetry Circus; tao jonesin

The following files *(most popular) are MP3s:

***And then...
what a delicious laugh! mmmm, yeah!

Cab Ride

*Occupied Twice
"Cab Ride" with Gus Lakis on guitar

Comatose Mink
Karen X raps about addiction and redemption

*Hookah Manifesto
"Crush" with Gus Lakis on guitar

*e go
a future collaborative - rhythm track

***Go Back to Everything Again
Amy "Moonlady" raps about animism

**Gin au Juice
wherein I profess my devotion to a delicious sweetie (in French, and with a talking drum)

w/ DJ Skwishy Skwid and iKoto

Jarhead Clay
my dad, the ass-kickin' uber gentleman [Daniel Clay Evans 01.1933-10.2009] i love you dad. Cops, Marines, and all sentient beings bow. humbly we respectfully awe.

Kokah Kohra

for DJ Lysander and the Quantum Volcano Crew


Not Missing Not Being Missed (Yes I Am)
with Dj KaossPad and iKoto

Oh Jah!

Phat Chance

**Pinot Blanc

R2 Detuned

*Right Home

Right Where You Want It

Robbie Says
Robbie riffs about love - then goes back to the dumpster

Save Everything
mess up everything, anyway

Wish For Love

*Xu Korp

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