Man in the Reign:
The following tracks are a compilation derived from a series of live and studio recordingsperformed in the early 80s and produced in 1985.

The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Chad Evans or Inkflix dot com. It was, however, pretty much a blast.

The files listed below are from the "Blood Sucking Parrots Meet Dogod Uptown" cassette

Blackbird Shot
a guaranteed brainworm. I highly recommend never listening to this, Klem's homage to the Painful Beatles.

Dead, Burned, and Gone
this was the first tune i added to when the band was still named "Painful Beat". thankfully, all agreed on a new moniker soon thereafter.

Dying Eggs
is all about Easter Sunday (U2 heard this and then did, "Sunday Bloody Sunday", about a year later)

If I Only Had A Brain
didn't occur to us when we wrote it that there was already a song with that title

Love Machine
"La Machine" commercials prompted a new definition for the "whipping button"

Lust in Space
is a song about love. "It figures... if Currey wrote it, they're all about love!", claims Hank

No More
Reagan was in office, so.... the outlook was not good

Echo and the Bunnymen at Bronco Bowl kicked our asses

if MITR ever had a hit tune, this was probably it

Vast Grand Scheme
Jerry wrote it (i think) and we kept on playing it anyway

Vital Organs
was recorded at Steel Rok Records and debuted MITR to the Dallas punk scene

World Briefs
Reagan was still on the scene... I became more and more interested in weird time signatures

The band broke up around mid '85.
Adam and I formed "A Few Hits Left" (a drum and basss performance art duo), and became the house band for "Poetry Circus", which morphed into "Dancing Tongue". (check your local listings to see what thy're up to now. See also "comatheatre".

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